Our composition nitea ] ....- .---- [

has been featured in the Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music at Iowa State University..

This video is constantly in contrast. The screen is split simply in black and white, and though the dividing line is not static, it is unyielding. Throughout the piece, the action-reaction relationship between the visual and audio music is especially pronounced. In silence, there is nothing.

Then, whether as a product of the sound or the movement, at 16 seconds there is the initial crack that sparks all the rest of the movement in the video. This same sound that starts the initial peak

recurs at intervals throughout the video, amongst other ambient and constant sound. The

video continues in constant waves of motion for about 2 minutes, and then returns to the initial stark contrasting still silence for a dramatic finish. — Rachael Farhat

#LipaFestival #nitea #idrioema #iowa

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