Sound design for First Line

F I R S T L I N E PREMIERE: 18 May 2012, Sommerblut Festival, Koln, Germany A production by Holy Hole Kompanie In collaboration with Rolf Emmerich and Sommerblut Festival 2012 Direction/Dramaturgy/Video Alessandro De Vita Choreography/Performance Paolo Fossa Production Assistant Giada Scuderi Sound Design Idrioema


Born as a study about the act of terrorism, the research will focus on the poetic and kinesthetic aspects of violence as an action able to destabilize the inner patterns of a society. Now that the voices of struggle and rebellion are rising up in different places of the world (the Arab Awakening being the most rapresentative example), we all need to wonder about these extemporaneous and quite viral subversions of the established power and their consequences on the social structures. The project does not mean to be journalistic or didactic. It just aims to perform a poetic and visionary representation of the evolution,crisis and collapse of the "social/physical body" through the macrostructure of an alienating contemporary tragedy.


Available on demand as cd-r (audio stereo). To order please contact.

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