New release _ defracta


lightscribe cdr wave 44.100 hz stereo lenght: 29.17 minutes package: printed digipack dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 1.2 cm produced by: idrioema year: 2012

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The present composition defracta from the Latin word "diffractus"

is focused on a particular phenomenon of the sound: the diffraction.

It happens all the time that somehow something restricts or obstructs a wavefront. When a wave encounters an obstacle in his way or is forced to pass through a small crack, it takes advantage of his ability to shatter and to reconstruct, scattering, beyond the obstacle or the slit.

In this regard, for the composition, the sound recordings have been made in the internal staircases of two buildings with architectural structures and properties very different from each other in which it was possible to pick up the sounds coming from the apartments, windows and doors and then be extrapolated from their original space-time context and subsequently processed and overlapping such as debris of resonances, highlighting the harmonic components for the construction of a third spatial structure.

defracta: Intolerance of limit for absolution of the absolute

idrioema © 2012

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