a n e c h o i d

a n e c h o i d


lightscribe cdr audio 44.100 hz stereo

LENGHT: 61.17 minutes

PACKAGE: printed aluminium box

DIMENSIONS: 19 x 13.5 x 1.8 cm

BOOKLET: 17 pages containing images,

texts and spectrographs of silence

PRODUCED BY: idrioema

YEAR: 2009





a n e c h o i d

As soon as you are going to reflect on the silence in order to give a definition, it is clear the complexity and importance of the concept.

Silence is usually defined as a state of rest for the termination of any sound or noise.
But when it stops any noise, when you do not hear apparently any sound, one can not speak properly of "quiescent" since there are many phenomenas that escape our perception not to speak of everything that happens within us both physically and mentally ...

The name ''anechoid'' refers to the anechoic chambers: environments isolated from each type of sound with its walls completely covered with a special sound-absorbing material designed to clear the local sound reflections inside of the room and to avoid interferences from outside.

John Cage in 1952, have been in one of these rooms to hear the silence but, to his great surprise, begins to hear sounds, mainly a low that was the heartbeat, blood circulation and another high-frequency that was the nervous system activity.  

Silence contains virtually all the sounds that we perceive and those who do not for physical limit.
It has an immense creative power and just listening carefully, the human realizes the faculties of perception of reality.

We must recognize the expressive value of silence, to understand it as full participation and not passive reception.
It is the space where the sound resonates ...

... as the essence of a vessel is its emptiness, the essence of a sound is its silence ...

The set of frequencies audible to the human ear extends from 20Hz to 20KHz, above that, starts the range of ultrasound.
Such vibrations are not perceptible to the ear, but at a sufficient intensity,
are perceived by the rest of the body.
In particular, the eye resonates at 19 Hertz and then receive this tone.
Many animals emit ultrasonic, as well as the explosions, the dry sounds, avalanches, twisters, earthquakes, tsunamis perceived as a displacement of the air.

Music therapy is focused precisely on the principle that a certain sound stimulates given areas of the nervous system.

The silence seems to belong to a supersensible dimension, elusive as it is constraints of materiality and yet it is filled with transient content.

... silence as a world completed in itself ...

... silence as the opposite of sound, but in principle, support and end of sound event ...

The silence may be interpreted as absence of "noise" that is the absolute absence of waves (sound, electromagnetic, etc. ...).
In order to ensure this condition, it is necessary that in the universe nothing emits radiation of any kind.

According to the Stefan-Boltzmann equation,
the intensity of radiation emitted by a "blackbody" is I = s T ^ 4
where s is the Boltzmann constant and T is temperature.
Since s is not zero, the only way that a "blackbody" emits no radiation (energy)
is that it is at temperature T = 0,
that is absolute zero.
For there is no type of radiation, we need all the bodies in the universe at temperature T = 0, which is not acceptable.
Therefore, the silence can not exist.

From here we continue analyzing the Schumann resonance;
a natural phenomenon that always has accompanied us even if it is ignored by our auditory system.
It all begins in 1952 when a researcher in Monaco of Bavaria, Winfried Otto Schumann sustained that in the 'cavity' between the ionosphere and the Earth's magnetic field,
the electromagnetic waves propagates as waves on a spring .
Schumann resonance, might increase, hence, the hypothesis of an American geologist, Gregg Braden, which can reach 13 Hz, reaching so what has been called ''zero point'', it is the value where the frequency of Schumann intersects the electrical frequency.
In this case there would be a reversal of Earth's poles as the planet begins to rotate in the opposite direction with disastrous consequences for the balance of nature that rules our days.
The pulse of the planet, voice or vulva of the earth, so as has been defined, the frequency of Schumann accompanies the life of our planet since the dawn of its existence by conditioning motion in an apparently silent way.

Silence, an entity changing its characteristics,
a phenomenon that changes, adapting to the context in which is inserted or where it fits best.

Silence is not synonymous of emptiness but a generator, an integral part of everything.

''anechoid'' has the objective to expose the silence, to re-create a neutral sound environment but at the same time,
to give the possibility to observe its intrinsic characteristics, the hidden aspects to our perception of physical impossibilities.
To create scores of silence, recordings of what we hear as if we were locked in a totally silent ambient, or rather, seemingly devoid of sound in honor of the innate ability to make music without implying a single act but, simply existing.